FBI Escalates to ‘Criminal Probe’ of Hillary Server

Just days after it was revealed that the FBI initiated inquiries with Hillary Clinton’s attorney and technology provider, the status of the probe by the Department of Justice was escalated.

An unnamed source within the DOJ confirmed Wednesday that the nature of the probe is “definitely” criminal as the agency is investigating the potential of a security violation by Hillary Clinton.

The probe is a response to an inspector general’s request for an investigation after a random sample of 40 of Hillary’s emails revealed four separate instances in which classified information was conveyed.

Though the Obama administration is likely hesitant to bring formal criminal charges against Hillary, the precedent was already set recently when Gen. David Petraeus similarly was convicted for revealing classified information.

Former Deputy Asst. Secretary of the DOJ under President Bush commented that the FBI isn’t simply advising on best practices for information security, rather of the criminal probe he said poignantly, “This is real.”