FBI Opens Inquiry Into Hillary Server


Last week’s news of a request by an inspector general that the Department of Justice open an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server appears to have born fruit in the day since.

According to reports this week, the FBI has begun initial inquiries with several parties involved in Hillary’s use of a private, home-based email setup during her time as Secretary of State.

Federal agents contacted Clinton attorney David Kendall concerning the nature and whereabouts of a thumb drive that is reported to contain all of the emails she had delivered during her tenure.

FBI officials also questioned an attorney for a Denver-based IT company that handled a substantive degree of the server’s management.

What’s more, it was learned this week that the server was initially installed by a campaign staffer during Hillary’s 2008 presidential bid, potentially blurring the lines between political and official business.

A campaign spokesman responded to inquiries reiterating that Hillary sent no information via email that was deemed classified at the time of delivery.