Trump Throws Down Gauntlet to Kochs

Donald Trump may have thrown down the gauntlet in what might soon become a billionaire’s war over the GOP nomination process.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted tongue-in-cheek complements to several GOP candidates who were attending a fundraising event sponsor by Charles and David Koch in which he cited their “begging for money” suggesting they might be “puppets”.

The media continue reporting an alleged sum of nearly $900 million in the Koch’s 2016 warchest, although no one knows for sure how much of that and too what extent it will be employed in the election cycle.

The speculation, however, is that Trump’s continued attacks on fellow GOP candidates could raise the ire of the Kochs who could be provoked to begin spending that money on attack ads aimed at knocking Trump out of the race.

So far, the brothers have not indicated potential support for Trump. Following the fundraiser, Charles Koch seemed to indicate that they were taking a look at the five candidates who were invited to the fundraiser: Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.