Hillary v. Bernie: Statistical Dead Heat in New Hampshire

According to a new WMUR/Granite State poll, Hillary Clinton leads Sen. Bernie Sanders among New Hampshire voters by a mere six points.

The poll’s sponsors are calling the resulting tallies, 42% – 36%, a statistical tie, within the margin of error, given the small sample size of voters who responded.

Arguably worse news for Team Hillary is that Sanders commands a demonstrably greater approval rating, 59% – 54%, which portends an even tighter race as the campaigns move toward Labor Day.

The poll demonstrates a decisive downward slide for Hillary in the nation’s second primary state which she won narrowly in the 2008 nomination battle with Barack Obama.

In late Spring, Hillary commanded a double-digit lead over Sanders in the state which dropped to eight points in June.

If the trajectory continues for the Clinton campaign into September, Sanders could overtake Hillary in the poll as his momentum increases among the Democrat primary base.