Hillary Continues Downward Slide

Last week, key national polling data showed Hillary Clinton trailing at least three of the top Republican contenders in three of the key battleground states.

This week’s Quinnipiac University poll shows an even more aggressive trend in that direction as the email and donor controversies refuse to go away.

Hillary’s support across the spectrum is eroding, and, as the poll details, she’s losing ground in every key metric.

According to the results, only 40% of respondents viewed her positively compared to 51% negatively, which amounts to an underwater -11% favorability rating.

What’s more, Hillary would tie with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker in the national vote if the election were held now. That represents as much as a double-digit slide since earlier this year.

Still, Hillary has managed to defend her 55% support among Democrats, which has shown less vulnerability despite the increased challenges. Whether Joe Biden will ultimately jump into the race and bring that number below the 500-mark is the question of the hour.