Facebook Goes Political

Facebook, the online social media giant which made its first official foray in presidential politics in 2008, is putting its efforts for political clients into overdrive.

With nearly 200 million users in the U.S. alone, the platform has built new tools that create a symbiotic opportunity both for Facebook and political campaigns.

Among the new features, the ability to import voter files — which promise to expand the depth and breadth of Facebook’s user database — will allow campaigns a more integrated opportunity to connect with those whom they intend to seek for support, donations and ultimately votes.

Another feature allows for a real-time Q&A sessions with candidates, a capabilities already utilized by the Clinton campaign this year.

Facebook has also expanded the use of embedded videos in which a “call to action” can be tagged at the end in which viewers can be prompted to donate, volunteer or share the content.

As one might expect, the new features are raising the eyebrows of those concerned about privacy given that Facebook’s reach into the intimate lives of its users is growing at a feverish pitch.