Poll: Hillary Trending Downward

According to the latest CNN presidential poll, Hillary Clinton continues to lose ground in her lead over the entire field of candidates. It suggests that the ongoing scandals in the media are taking their toll.

Since March, the number of voters who believe Hillary is untrustworthy is up 8 points to 57%. Similarly, the number of respondents who think she cares about the people like them fell below the halfway mark to 47%.

The number of voters who think Hillary no longer inspires confidence has risen from 42% to 50% since March. Her general favorability rating is down at least 7% since the last poll.

Although her lead over the entire line of Republican candidates continues apace, the margins that set her apart from each of the GOP leaders continues to shrink in each passing poll.

Democrat voters who responded to the poll hold schizophrenic views on their primary. Previous polls have shown a clear majority want a ‘competitive’ primary, yet 60% of Democrats still approve of Hillary over any other candidate.

Meanwhile recent Democrat sensation Gov. Martin O’Malley has yet to register appeal. In the polls, after his announcement over the weekend, O’Malley has a meager 1% in support among the party base.