Jeb Ditches Mr. Nice Guy, Goes on Attack

Yesterday’s Republican confab at Disney World, hosted by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, saw what may be the beginning of a formal family feud between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Due to ongoing votes in Senate, Marco Rubio was forced to deliver a pre-recorded message to the event’s attendees. In his recording he called for new generation of leaders not “outdated leaders with outdated ideas.”

Rubio’s comment sent Jeb Bush into attack mode, after months of taking the high road among the field of GOP contenders. In an post- event interview, Bush questioned why his ‘good friend Marco’ would criticize him and then continue to cite his unparalleled success as governor of Florida.

The answer to that question may be in the most recent national polls. The two Florida natives are in a three-way dead heat with Gov. Scott Walker for the lead among the growing list of Republican candidates.