George Pataki Joins GOP Hopefuls

This week’s updates, to the long list of Republican White House hopefuls, have possibly crossed the threshold of those officially declared than those merely ‘exploring’.

A day after former Senator Rick Santorum made the official splash, former New York Gov. George Pataki announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination at next year’s convention.

There has been little buzz generated by the announcement and a floating question of ‘why’.
Even though most consider his measures successful, three-term gubernatorial career with tax cuts and steady management during the 9/11 crisis, Pataki’s relative obscurity poses a daunting challenge amid arguably the best GOP field in 40 years.

Barring a major shake-up or some savvy strategic campaigning, Pataki will almost certainly fail to make the cut for the first few primary debates. He will also seal his fate of running before he had a chance to shine among the crowd.

But supporters argue that an uphill climb isn’t an unfamiliar position for Pataki. They remind doubters in 1994 he was an unknown state legislator who ultimately unseated popular incumbent Gov. Mario Cuomo.