Carson & Carly: The Latest GOP Announcements

Holding true to expectations, both GOP Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have made their presidential candidacies official. They announced within 24 hours of each other, making them the fourth and fifth Republicans to announce, reports Fox News.

Fiorina’s splash came as an understated, matter-of-fact tweet, “I am running for president,” followed by a television interview later this morning. The kick-off is timed just as her new book Rising to the Challenge is scheduled for release in which she touts her leadership experience as the former CEO of HP.

She has a track-record of real accomplishments as a competitive female leader. This, coupled with her head-turning addresses in Iowa and elsewhere continues to shape her appeal as an antidote to Hillary Clinton.

However, few analysts consider her a top contender for the nomination. They predict she will end up on the shortlist for VP to help the GOP woo the female vote ahead of Hillary’s expected nomination.

Meanwhile, famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson made his bid official on Sunday. “I am willing to be a part of the equation and therefore, I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States,” he declared in an interview with a local television affiliate.

Carson’s announcement comes ahead of an official kickoff event at the Detroit Music Hall. He is expected to rally tea party conservatives and is likely to become direct competition to Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.