Jeb Refuses No-Taxes Promise

Jeb has likely learned a hard lesson from his father’s infamous ‘Read my lips’ speech. The former Florida Gov. continues to rebuff entreaties from anti-tax guru Grover Norquist to sign an no-tax pledge.

Last week at a National Review Summit, Editor Rich Lowry asked Bush his opinions on the tax matter. He pressed Bush directly: “Is there any circumstance in which you would take that pledge.” Bush replied with an emphatic ‘no’ according to Real Clear Politics.

Then Bush continued his answer. He pointed to his record as Florida governor saying it is “clear … as good or better than any.” He explained, without making obvious inference from his father’s 1992 loss, that his record as Governor of Florida speaks for itself in which he cut taxes every year in the state.

The challenge for Bush is evident. He struggles to appeal to the ‘very conservative’ Republican primary voter base, particularly in Iowa and South Carolina, which has increasingly grown distrustful of Washington and the tax-and-spend mentality.

What’s more, all three declared candidates signed the pledge prior to the time of the summit.
It is likely that Ben Carson will also add his name.

Norquist cites the issue as bellwether, particularly in Republican politics. It showed fewer than 4% of Americans believing taxes ‘too low’ regardless of economic strength.