GOP Fight Could Come to Walker vs. Rubio

Recent Iowa polls reveal Jeb Bush continuing to struggle in the all-important caucus state. Despite what is expected to be a record-setting fundraising haul in the first quarter, he seems unable to attract grassroots support.

Instead, the primary fight has begun to shape into a battle for first place between Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Marco Rubio, who are trading places between Iowa voters’ first and second choices.

Most recently, the two candidates fired veiled shots challenged the other’s presidential qualifications, Politico reports. Walker charged that governors have an ‘innate’ ability to lead, while Rubio pointed to Walker’s lack of experience of governors in foreign policy.

Analysts suggest that each candidate will continue to attract Iowa voters who once preferred previous caucus winners Huckabee and Santorum. Walker and Rubio are conservative enough to woo votes and also have a better shot at defeating Hillary than the old favorites .

That eventuality could narrow the field of candidates more quickly and equally keep Jeb Bush at bay when the focus shift to New Hampshire and South Carolina.