Clinton Refuses to Testify Before Benghazi Committee

Responding to press inquiries, Speaker John Boehner warned that the House Select Committee on Benghazi could carry its investigations well into next year. The delay is due to lack of cooperation from both the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton regarding requested information and testimony.

According to the committee’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, Clinton’s attorney indicated she is refusing to testify in private ahead of her public testimony. She refuses to go before the committee to discuss her role in the scandal while Secretary of State and will not discuss her private email server.

The Washington Times quotes Boehner, who blames congress is being impeded in it’s efforts and rejects the idea that the investigation means to damage Clinton’s presidential campaign:

“They could clean this up a whole lot quicker if the administration and former Secretary Clinton were in a position to actually cooperate with the committee and turn over the kind of information that we’ve been seeking for some time.”

Claiming that Clinton has already answered the questions surrounding her email server, her attorney stated that there is no justification for a private testimony. She has also rejected the committee’s request that the server be turned over for further scrutiny.