Hillary Clinton Under Siege

Quinnipiac’s latest poll bears more unwelcome news for Camp Hillary amid her efforts to stave off further damage to her already wounded image in the ongoing scandals.

The poll’s results showed 58% of voters opposing Hillary, indicating that she is untrustworthy or dishonest. Only 38% of voters indicated that they trusted her.

The results offer insight as to how voters vote. It may indicate voters expectations versus their preference, when comparing results to other polls that show Hillary beating virtually every opposing candidate.

The results offer some insight into the consistent polls that show her beating virtually every prospective opponent. Those polls may be more an indication of what voters expect than of what they prefer.

Meanwhile, more fallout continues from Hillary’s own gaffes and scandals, coupled with new revelations about the influence of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

This week, The New York Times revealed the approval of a uranium mine sale during Hillary’s leadership of the State Department. The State Department allowed the sale to take place with a Russian company that donated over $2 million dollars to the Clinton Global Initiative. This deal was also promoted by a company that paid Bill Clinton a half million dollars to speak in Moscow.

Similarly, the Washington Post reported Bill Clinton receiving over $26 million in speaking fees from both companies and governments. Many of these parties were donors of the Clinton Global Initiative and received favor from the U.S. government: According to the Washington Examiner, “Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award — and six of the eight ultimate winners — while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation.”