Hillary Moves Back Into the Lead

As one might have expected, Hillary Clinton’s Sunday announcement created enough media buzz to put her back on top, in at least one survey released on Tuesday.

According to the Rasmussen survey results, Hillary leads Ted Cruz 47 to 38 points and leads Rand Paul 47 to 37 points. However, as RealClearPolitics noted, she did not cleared the 50% mark as she has in the past.

The results essentially flip the numbers that a similar survey showed only one week prior, on the heels of the Cruz and Paul announcements, that revealed Hillary was trailing both U.S. senators.

The current crop of GOP contenders continued to be Scott Walker and Jeb Bush who trading places almost weekly for the lead. Cruz and Paul jockey for third place. Following behind in a close fifth place spot is Marco Rubio.

After Rubio’s Monday announcement, it is expected that surveys may show him in a statistical tie for third place with Cruz and Paul. Whether additional announcements by candidates in the coming weeks will cut into those leads remains to be seen.

With four candidates officially announced for the White House so far, the number could easily double in the next 60 day: Bush, Walker, O’Malley, Trump, Webb and others have yet to though into the ring.