Harry Reid Unloads on GOP Over Lynch Stall

The saga over the confirmation vote for Obama nominee Loretta Lynch continued into the second quarter last week. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid lamented was 157 days of missed opportunities.

Tongue-lashing Republican leadership on leaving Lynch in legislative limbo, Reid fired, “The Republican leader said that she would receive fair consideration by the Senate. Well, that hasn’t happened.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fired back that Lynch’s confirmation vote is ready to go and is simply awaiting the end to the Democrats’ filibuster on the bill to end sex trafficking, which has languished in the Senate for weeks.

“Members are continuing to work to find a way to overcome the Democrats’ filibuster of a bipartisan bill that will help prevent women and children from being sold into sex slavery,” a spokesman for McConnell said. “Once that bill’s complete, the Lynch nomination is next.”

Five Senate Republicans have already stated publicly that they will vote to approve Lynch once the matter is brought to the floor. This virtually guarantees she will be installed as Eric Holder’s replacement, though it will be by the slimmest margin in years.