Public Employee Union Donated $65M to Dems

According to public records revealed by, public employment union American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees gave over $65M in political donations in 2014 mostly to Democrats and liberal political groups.

AFSCME is the largest union for public employees boasts nearly 1.4 million members whose paychecks are dinged for mandatory membership dues that go to support leftist policies and candidates.

Among its largest donations, AFSCME gave $4.3 million to the Democrat Governors Association which is organized to elect Democrat governors to various states and which played largely in the 2014 election cycle to defend a number key governor’s races.

Be Proud, Be Union, Have Your Money Funneled To Democrats!”Public Employee Union Donated $65M to Dems” Read the rest:

Posted by Conservative Intelligence Briefing on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Topping the list of liberal policy groups to which the union gave tens of millions are Planned Parenthood International, the Center for American Progress and the National Council La Raza, a radical amnesty advocacy group.

Critics argue that the group effectively becomes a funnel for taxpayer support of Democrat politics given that public employees’ salaries are paid with tax revenue collected from the American people.

AFSCME’s control is being directly challenged by the states, however, with laws similar to Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 will allows public employees to opt out of joining the union as a condition of public employment.