Jeb Bush: Not So Inevitable

Ahead of an expected official launch this month, Jeb Bush’s shock and awe juggernaut campaign of inevitability appears not to be enjoying the same privileges as did his brother’s efforts in 2000.

According to the most recent GOP poll taken by Fox News of potential Republican candidates, Jeb Bush still trails Scott Walker by 3% among likely primary voters across the country.

Since the formation of his presidential exploratory committee three months ago, millions of dollars have been streaming into his Super PAC, Right to Rise, but indications from various corridors of the Republican donor class show many of the big players are still waiting to commit.

The skepticism, as well, of Bush’s ability to transform his name and money clout into practical grassroots appeal in early states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina has been in increasing doubt.

With Ted Cruz having already announced and Sens. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio expected to officially announced within the next week, Bush’s ability to continue to shock and create awe is diminishing.

Next month’s Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City will boast an important test with its straw poll specifically among the Republican Party primary base, which will mark a distinct departure from the CPAC poll in February which is typically dominated by more Libertarian-leaning attendees.