Could Drudge Take Down A Second Clinton?

With nearly a second week of scandal over Hillary Clinton’s email practices complete, there are few signs it will end soon. And if it proves to be the undoing of her quest for the White House, much of the credit may go to Matt Drudge.

Drudge catapulted to Internet fame in 1998 when he broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal that embroiled then-President Bill Clinton in a brouhaha that ultimately resulted in his impeachment.

Since that time his website The Drudge Report has become a household name among political junkies, as it is often on the leading edge of breaking political news, so much so that Rush Limbaugh and other conservative media outlets regularly cite it.

His website, probably more than any other, could be credited with taking the Clinton email story a week ago Monday from an obscure news story to international headline status within a matter of hours. And in the days that followed, new revelations were trumpeted at the top of the page to its millions of daily viewers.

Since then, Democrat leaders have openly questioned Hillary’s forthrightness in the public defense of her private email server. And her many claims during that defense have been challenged, which only pour further fuel on the fire of the controversy, reports The Hill.

Robert Gibbs, former Obama White House spokesman, quipped candidly, “They are the ones who put air in this balloon in a way that was not necessary at all. It’s clear they lack an apparatus. She’s a candidate without a campaign.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy foreshadowed further scrutiny by his select committee on Benghazi on the subject of whether Clinton used the address for official business, “One thing that’s clear is that we don’t get to grade our own papers in life, we don’t get to call penalties on ourselves.” And on Wednesday, the AP filed suit against the State Department for release of the 55,000 pages of emails Clinton claims to have turned over to the agency.