Hillary Clears the Air … And Bill Muddies It Again

What was clearly aimed at a strategy to act as a release-valve for the mounting pressure over her private email scandal, Hillary Clinton held a brief press conference on Tuesday to address the issue.

But the web broke out immediately after the conference with new points of inconsistency that may prove to further muddy the water and cast all the more doubt on the impending official announcement of Hillary for President.

Admitting at the outset that it would have been more prudent if she had “used a second email account” for official business during her time at the State Department, Hillary explained that she opted for convenience instead of the trouble of carrying two phones.

The problem, as critics pointed out, is that during her time at State, multiple smartphones were already on the market that would allow for the separation and simultaneous use of multiple email accounts on a single device. And, given the department’s rules for use of official email addresses, one might expect she would have been advised in that direction.

Further complicating her mea culpa was a claim that she used the personal email primarily for personal communication, in particular when communicating with her husband, President Bill Clinton.

Critics quickly pounced on the claim by pointing out that Bill Clinton’s own spokesperson, Matt McKenna, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal this week that the former president has “only sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president.” If true, then Hillary’s assertion falls apart.

“It appears at least one Clinton is not telling the whole truth,” said Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Chair of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, responded immediately after the press conference, “Regrettably, we are left with more questions than answers.”