Rand Paul Leads Charge to Defeat Obama AG Nominee

The aftermath of the forced resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder continues as the Senate deliberates the confirmation testimony of President Obama’s proposed successor Loretta Lynch.

Currently serving as a U.S. Attorney, Lynch’s ideological bent has become clear in her testimony concerning a number of pressing issues, and several prominent conservative Senators are already promising to vote her down.

Leading an early group of deniers, Sen. Rand Paul declared to his staff immediately after the close of the Senate hearing, “Oh, she’s going down.” Paul later took to the airwaves explaining that Lynch’s comments were littered with unapologetic positions that betray a potential AG who would not be any better than Eric Holder.

Referring to her position in favor of Obama’s executive amnesty, Paul explained, “The separation of powers is probably the most important underpinning of our constitutional system. If her position is that the executive branch can write laws or amend laws, that would be a real problem with me.”

Paul was immediately joined by Sen. Jeff Sessions, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and National Interest, echoed that Lynch’s willingness to ‘justify this circumvention of Congress’ disqualifies her from assuming the office.

What may could become another intraparty fight within the Senate in the coming days concerns whether Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will allow a floor vote on Lynch’s confirmation. Sens. Paul and Sessions have been joined by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee is promising to block the nomination should McConnell renege on his pre-election promise to oppose any nominee who supports executive amnesty.