GOP Form Circular Firing Squad on Immigration

The internal fight between Republicans in the House and Senate over the proper response to President Obama’s executive action on immigration continues to heat up with no promise of clear results.

Sens. Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz have led the efforts to pressure the House to pass immigration bills with CIB121514-Cruzmore teeth where, most recently, they helped kill a House measure on border security arguing it didn’t do enough to actually secure the border.

But Speaker Boehner fired back after the Senate killed a House bill limiting funding for the Department of Homeland Security that Senators need to focus on legislation that can actually pass out of Congress. Boehner specifically called out Sessions and Cruz:

“Senators like Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions need to show the American people how we succeed in the Senate. What’s their plan to get ‘yes’ votes from senators like [Claire] McCaskill and [Joe] Donnelly, who’ve expressed concerns, and ultimately what’s their plan to get this passed in the Senate?”

With Republicans fighting amongst themselves over tactical preference, getting any meaningful immigration legislation to the president’s desk continues to be in doubt.