Hillary Tops Polls in Battleground States

Only two weeks ago, reports from insiders to Hillary’s budding campaign apparatus speculated she might announce for president just after Easter after hiring key political staffers.

But in the days since a number of sources have indicated that she may wait as late as this summer before making an official declaration of candidacy, a possibility that has some scratching their heads.

But the most recent polling gives some insight into why that might be a wise move. Not only is Hillary pulling over 40 points more than her closest potential Democrat challenger – Elizabeth Warren – but she continues to outperform all possible Republican nominees as well, which means she can afford to wait.

According to Quinnipiac’s recent survey on Real Clear Politics, Hillary would win a sizeable majority in the key battleground states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The only exception is that her lead over Jeb Bush in Florida is a single point and in Ohio dead even with Gov. John Kasich.

In Florida, Hillary leads every potential Republican candidate other than Bush by a minimum of 12 points. Similarly, in Ohio she leads them all (except Kasich) by at least 11 points.

In Pennsylvania, where the election could be won or lost, Clinton dominates the whole field of possible Republican candidates by 15 points or more. In all three states, Jeb Bush performs the best among the Republican field but still loses to Hillary.