House to Vote on Obamacare Appeal

House Republican leaders have made public their intention to prove good on campaign promises to voters that they would repeal Obamacare if given control of Congress.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy circulated a memo to his fellow Republican members explaining the reason for the vote, scheduled for next week, in that it will give the party an opportunity to demonstrate to voters why health care should be left between patients and doctors alone.

In a memo obtained by Fox News, McCarthy detailed that the first bill under consideration by the House will be written to “protect individuals from government-imposed cost increases and reduced access to care and coverage by repealing ObamaCare.”

The House has already voted in recent weeks to change the legal definition of “full-time” work in an attempt to discourage business owners from hiring only part-time workers in order to avoid having to offer insurance.

Likewise, Republicans in the Senate have introduced legislation that would eliminate the employer mandate on health insurance provision to employees, specifically arguing that businesses with 50 employees or less should not be required to provide insurance at all.

With a number of suits against Obamacare still making their way through the federal courts – and a very critical one brought by several states to the Supreme Court – President Obama’s flagship policy may be nearing its end even before he leaves office.