Trump Stumps for Prez

Billionaire Donald Trump made good on his promise to keynote the South Carolina Tea Party convention this weekend at which he made the case to the crowd of more than 800 why he ought to be the next president.

Arguing that he can “get things done,” he criticized Romney and reminded attendees, “I was right in 2012. I said that I don’t see a strong candidate, but we had Mitt Romney and we went with Mitt Romney and he failed. He let us all down, to be honest with you. For him to be running again is outrageous.”

Then turning his guns to Bush, he railed, “The last thing this country needs is another Bush. [George W.] Bush, he didn’t do so hot. You could have brought [Abraham] Lincoln back and he would have lost.”

Hinting at his ability to rally voters, “Whenever I’ve gone to a Tea Party event, they’ve had a record turnout. And again, this year they have sold out for the first time. Maybe I’ll give credit to somebody else, but you know where it all comes from. I mean, this is the biggest turnout they’ve ever had.”