Bush Pushes for Cash

Jeb Bush announced this week that his new PAC, Right to Rise  has been officially formed. And now he’s on the warpath building his war chest of big donor cash ahead of what virtually everyone expects will be a formal announcement for the presidency.

In an obvious move to quiet questions about whether Bush, who has been out of the political scene for two presidential cycles, can remain relevant, his announcement of the PAC was released via Facebook:

Bush declares defiantly on the PAC’s website, “We will not cede an inch of territory — no issues, no demographic groups, no voters.” The clear double-entendre of the organization’s name pushes back against the perspective that Republicans lack compassion but it also suggests an ascension of the Republican Party to the top office in the land.

Aimed at a sort of ‘shock and awe’ strategy, Bush’s efforts in the last few weeks have gone from a phlegmatic interest to aggressive imposition on the growing presidential cycle. And his increasingly frenzied travel to meet with traditionally Republican major donors reflects as much.

Andy Sabin, one major donor to the party, opined on the intent of the strategy, “I think there are some people that are sitting back, and if Jeb runs, they’re not going to run. I don’t feel like we have a great field of uniters. Jeb knows he has to bring left and right together.”

According to the New York Times, there are indications that Bush will file additional paperwork for Super PAC status, which will remove the cap on maximum campaign contributions and potentially catapult the campaign’s front-runner status.

Bonus! Jeb also posted the Right To Rise invite in Spanish, which he speaks fluently, a real edge in attracting Latino voters: