No Regrets for Sebelius

With hundreds of millions of dollars already spent, countless nips and tucks to the regulations, and serial crash after crash, Obamacare has managed to sputter along. The officially reported number enrolled in the program is over six million.

The haggard history of ACA, littered with more failures than successes, hasn’t stopped former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius from singing its praises.

The former cheerleader for the program who was forced to resign after public demands for accountability, Sebelius remains defiant and unapologetic,

“I think change is very, very hard, and there is always a default position of, either do nothing or do something very small and get in and out of the battle as quickly as possible. I think [Obamacare] was not only well worth it, but a battle worth fighting. Millions and millions of people are the beneficiaries of this policy.”

In perhaps a foreshadowing prediction of things to come over the final two years of the Obama White House, Sebelius continued, “You hear echoes of that debate in immigration. Would people like a bipartisan, comprehensive approach to immigration? You bet. [But] the only way to move forward is really executive authority right now, because there isn’t a bipartisan approach.”