Gruber to Appear at Capitol Hearing Today

Today’s House session on Capitol Hill will feature what some are calling a ‘circus’ which has House Republicans set grill the newfound pariah of Obamacare.

Jonathan Gruber, who found internet infamy of late surrounding candid camera clips, admitted on multiple occasions that the Obama administration essentially bamboozled voters to get Obamacare passed.

Initially ignored by major media outlets, the clips created such an uproar that left-leaning networks had no choice but to begin covering the story and ultimately posing questions directly to the White House about its association with Gruber.

One Republican House aide remarked in anticipation of today’s hearings, “[The hearing] is all about giving [Gruber] the opportunity to say something stupid. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Congressman John Micah (R-FL) intends to press Gruber on the details of his relationship with Democrats and his role in forming Obamacare, reports The Hill. Micah detailed, “Within the administration and the White House, there’s plenty of ties to this guy.”

Congressman Jim Jordan echoed the sentiments, “Why was Mr. Gruber called an ‘architect’ of ObamaCare by The Washington Post, someone who was lauded by President Obama and cited by then-Speaker Pelosi, and is now just ‘some advisor’?”

Fireworks are expected at the event today, and we expect there will be plenty of fodder to report in the coming days as responses to Gruber’s comments pour more gasoline on the fire.