In for Warren

Whether Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will run for president is still up in the air despite her repeated denial of any plans to make a bid, and new weight is being drop in favor of her changing her tune.

With major donors having already publicly offered support to her candidacy should she ultimately decide to enter the fray,, the liberal super PAC formed by George Soros, announced it is prepared to lend its considerable influence in pushing Warren toward the race, reports The New York Times.

Pledging of as much as $1 million for the efforts to draft Warren, MoveOn’s executive director Ilya Sheyman detailed plans to open offices in Iowa and New Hampshire to begin pushing its ‘Run Warren Run’ campaign.

Sheyman explained, “We want to demonstrate to Senator Warren that there’s a groundswell of grass-roots energy nationally and in key states and to demonstrate there’s a path for her.”

Warren’s spokeswoman Lucy Rose quickly replied to the announcement, “As Senator Warren has said many times, she is not running for president.” But that wasn’t entirely a ‘no’, rather a simple acknowledgement of what Warren has said in the past.

Sheyman continued, “Voters are looking for bold solutions about how you fix a rigged system in which middle- and working-class families are falling behind.”

Among the field of possible Democrat candidates including VP Biden, CA Gov. Brown, and others, Warren is viewed as one of the few who could mount a competitive alternative to Hillary.