W: ‘Jeb Would Beat Hillary’

It’s not often that former president George W. Bush steps into the political fray to weigh in on what he thinks can or should happen, but his thoughts have been seen increasingly making their way into the question concerning whether his brother Jeb should run and whether he could win.

In a recent interview with CNN’s ‘Face the Nation’, Bush said of a potential contest between his brother and Hillary Clinton, should she become the eventual Democrat nominee.

Bush replied in characteristic pith, “I think he’d beat her.” Of course, Jeb has yet even to announce while Clinton’s soft launch earlier this summer in Iowa was seen by most as the unofficial beginning of her nomination tour.

The obvious question on many minds, should Jeb run and ultimately win the Republican nomination, is whether George would jump on the trail to campaign directly for his brother’s nomination. It would be a move certainly unprecedented.