House/Senate Conservative Plan Fight on Immigration

After House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement of his plan for a ceremonial shot across bow of the White House in response to the Executive Order on immigration, Senate and House conservatives have responded in ire and appear to be planning on taking matters into their own hands.

Senators Jeff Sessions (R-AL), David Vitter (R-LA) and Mike Lee (R-UT) met late Thursday night with a group of House conservatives to plot a strategy to go around GOP leadership in both chambers.

According to an unnamed attendee of the meeting,”There is a general belief that, despite the rhetoric from leadership after the executive order was announced, they really have no desire to do anything substantive to fight this.”

The speculation is that the small group includes between 50 to 60 members combined between both chambers. The source continued about the concerns of GOP leaders, “Part of it is that leadership (as proxies for the Chamber [of Commerce]) wants the amnesty; Obama‚Äôs order provides a way to deliver cheap labor to the Chamber without having to vote for it. Part of it is an absolute fear of any conflict, including even a partial ‘shutdown.'”