Democrat Party Abandons Landrieu in Final Push

Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu’s campaign has hit rock bottom with mere days remaining until what is being seen as her predictable defeat in the Louisiana run-off.

Earlier this week, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) announced that it would cancel all TV ad buys and a refused to send any more campaign checks to the Landrieu Campaign reports The Washington Post.

Landrieu had strong words for the committee, but replied to the news with a hint of inevitability:

“I am extremely disappointed. You know, they just walked away from this race.”

The DSCC joins virtually all other Democrat-aligned campaign committees in withdrawing support for Landrieu’s floundering campaign. This is all but an admission that she will be defeated in this Saturday’s run-off. The only remaining question, perhaps, is by how many points Republican Bill Cassidy will win.

Spokesman for the RSCC Brad Dayspring explained of the announcement that this run-off was over before it even started, “The political true bloods have moved on to 2016.” The most recent polls show a distinct advantage for Cassidy, some with as much as a 26 point difference in Cassidy’s favor.