Huckabee Nails Obama On Ferguson

Stepping up his rhetoric ahead of what many believe to be a push for a second stab at the White House, former Arkansas Gov. and 2008 candidate for president Mike Huckabee slammed Obama this week on his handling of the Ferguson fallout.

On air with Newsmax TV’sAmerica’s Forum,’ Huckabee disagreed with the president having invited what he saw as “thugs and rioters and mob members” to the White House “to sit down and have a conversation.” He continued:

“When people are breaking the law, they don’t get an invitation to the White House. They ought to be getting an invitation to the big house. And this is not about race. This is about law and order.”

Huckabee has been outspoken in recent weeks about his serious consideration of whether he’ll enter the fray for the GOP nomination for president in 2016. And this certainly falls in line with that narrative as some of his strongest rhetoric yet.

Invoking Martin Luther King, Jr, he chided, “This violates everything that [King] gave his life for, which was nonviolent protest, and if you think something is wrong, then go through the proper authorities, go through the proper law, and if you violate the law, then suffer willingly for having done so. This is just an anathema to everything that the civil rights movement was truly all about and what it accomplished.”

Among the horde of potential presidential candidates, Huckabee is at the top of the list for the more conservative, evangelical voter base within the Republican Party with his approval numbers still very high in the all-important first in the nation state of Iowa, which kickstarted his insurgency against Mitt Romney and John McCain in 2008.