Will 2016 Be All About the Supremes?

Registering large on the political radar is the question concerning what issue(s) will top the list for the 2016 presidential cycle. Fights over immigration, Obamacare, race wars, and taxation make potentials plentiful.

But Washington Post’s Paul Waldman says it’ll be none of these. Instead, he predicts, it will be all about the Supreme Court and the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Ginsberg surprised many folks in announcing during President Obama’s first term that she would be staying on the high court, to which appointed justices are entitled to remain either until they elect to retire or they die.

Having just left the hospital for yet another health issue–this time to have a heart tent implanted–Ginsburg’s 81 years of age are having their way with her and beg the question on everyone’s mind: when will she finally call it quits.

Easily the most liberal justice on the current court, Ginsberg has been expected to step down during a Democrat president’s term in enough time to allow for a replacement justice who may share her left-leaning perspective on jurisprudence.CIB120114-Supreme-court-cib
But with four of the nine justices at 76 or older, the next president will have his or her hands full with the possibility of two or more appointments during their term. That reality will certainly weigh large during the debates when presidential hopefuls will be asked the inevitable question: how will you choose the best person for the court?