Norquist: Walker on short list for 2016

In the coming scramble for bonafides ahead of the 2016 election cycle, Scott Walker’s star continues to rise after his massive victory as Governor of Wisconsin.

In a recent op-ed for Reuters, Americans for Tax Reform chief Gover Norquist is singing Walker’s praises calling him a modern day Calvin Coolidge who according to Norquist, “offered a sharp contrast to then-President Woodrow Wilson, silent and timid on an issue of national importance.”CIB112514-Norquist

What’s more, cites Norquist, Coolidge was a favorite of Ronald Reagan, “He reined in spending and reduced tax rates at a time when it was as needed as it is today. President Ronald Reagan admired Coolidge so much that he hung a portrait of the 30th president in his Cabinet Room.”

Walker’s victories both electoral and policy reflect a similar record by Coolidge who cut incomes taxes, regulations, and stood up to public sector unions.

In a post-Obama era, many mainstream American voters might find appeal in the calm, conservative and collected persona of a Scott Walker that has continued to stay on the top despite some of the most difficult opposition any Republican governor has faced in recent years.

Norquist concluded, “Coolidge’s record and how it compares to what Walker has done in Wisconsin make a strong case for his name to be on the short list of GOP contenders.”