Surprising Numbers from Midterm Exits

Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza is out with his latest midterm election blowout observations, this time on some surprising numbers from the exit polls from Nov. 4th. Cillizza cites nine key numbers that ‘jumped out’ at him during his analysis.

First was the margin by which Democrats beat Republicans for women’s votes: 4%, which is down CIB112514-Women-votedrastically from 11% in 2012. Similarly, the number of ‘whites’ making up the electorate was down 2% from the 2010 midterm, which means the percentage of minority voters is increasing.

Interestingly, though, Democrats won 38% of the white vote which is exactly the same percentage they won in 2010, which is down from historic averages of over 40%. And Republicans won 36% of the Hispanic vote, which was an improvement of 2% over the 2010 midterms.

CIB112514-votesAnd finally, the Democrats still won a sizable majority of the ‘moderate’ vote at 53%, but Republicans easily won the ‘Independent’ vote by a 12-point margin. Nevertheless, it was turnout among the Republican base (and failure of Democrat turnout) that ultimately decided this election.