Ben Carson Switches Parties

As we’ve reported previously, famed physician, author and newcomer to the political scene Dr. Ben Carson has been gearing up his campaign apparatus in what many expect to be a dark-horse bid for president in 2016.

A further clue that an ultimate try for the White House is in the near future for Carson is the announcement that he has switched parties—to the GOP, that is.

Previously registered as an Independent in Maryland, Carson has re-registered as a Republican from his home in the state of Florida, where he could also launch a strategic move to compete either with Sen. Marco Rubio or former Gov. Jeb Bush as the state’s ‘favorite son’ candidate.

Carson explained the announcement, “It’s truly a pragmatic move because I have to run in one party or another. If you run as an independent, you only risk splitting the electorate. I clearly would not be welcome in the Democratic Party, and so that only leaves one party.”