LA Senate Race Officially Goes to the Run-off

The predictions of a run-off for the Louisiana Senate seat between Republican Bill Cassidy and incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu became a reality last night.

After all precincts reported, neither of the two leading candidates in the ‘jungle general’ crossed the threshold of 50% to avoid the run-off.

Mary Landrieu topped the list at 43% of the vote with Bill Cassidy trailing closely at 41%. It should be noted that polls just days ago predicted a bigger split between the two candidates.

With those same polls having predicted as much as an eight-point margin in a head-to-head matchup, that Cassidy performed better than expected bodes well for his campaign in the December 6th run-off.

Landrieu pressed her supporters after the results, “This race is starting tonight. The question facing the voters in Louisiana will be a very simple one: which candidate has a proven track record … and which candidate has a record of running scared.”

Cassidy contrasted, “It’s going to come down to one fundamental issue — do you want a senator who represents Barack Obama or a senator that represents you. We have 32 more days. This is not over yet.”