Massive GOP Wave On Election Night

The predicted GOP Wave held true to polling numbers last night in what will certainly go down as an historic victory for the party after the better-than-expected results officially guaranteed a switch in control of the Senate as well as an historic new majority in the House.

The Republican Party held onto all three hotly contested Senate seats in Georgia, Kentucky and Kansas while picking up the anticipated easy wins in West Virginia, Montana and South Dakota.

Additionally, the GOP easily won Arkansas, Colorado, and Iowa. But the kicker is a huge victory for Republican Thom Tillis over Kay Hagan in North Carolina which very few expected. Also of note is that Republican Dan Sullivan is leading in the final counts in Alaska, but Democrat Mark Begich refuses to concede.

Although Scott Brown narrowly lost his bid to unseat Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, Louisiana is already being called for Republicans by RealClearPolitics despite that the race is going to a run-off in December.

Additionally, the GOP enjoyed a net gain of 12 seats in the House pushing the majority of control to a margin not seen in a full generation.

Likewise, three embattled GOP governors beat back attempts to unseat them. Govs. Rick Scott (FL), Scott Walker (WI) and Sam Brownback (KS) all won reelection in their states. This added to huge gubernatorial pickups in the deep-blue states of Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland (Colorado is still undecided) served as the cherry on top of the massive win for the Republican Party.