Iowa Leans Red

Capitalizing on a record for third quarter fundraising, Republican Joni Ernst is in a full-court press to finish the race in a sprint as she continues to command her lead over beleaguered Democrat Congressman Bill Braley.

What’s worse, one of the Democrat Party’s previously safe House members is under the gun as well. Congressman Pat Murphy in the first congressional district is now listed by political analyst Stu Rothenberg as a ‘toss-up,’ reports FOX News. This has the DNC dumping half a million dollars into television ads in an attempt to shore up that race.

Republicans look to be closing in on the party’s plan to command an historic majority in the House of Representatives, one not seen since World War II.

Should trends continue, there is a distinct possibility that the state of Iowa could be both the clincher for Republican Senate control and for a super-majority in the House.