Mitt & Hill Still Top Polls for 2016

In the last few weeks we’ve shared polling data that demonstrate a potential rivalry in the making, should Mitt choose to change course on his refusal to run for the White House in 2016.

Mitt has topped the polls with voters when asked of their preference among all the potential GOP presidential contenders, and a new poll by ABC/WashPost confirms his lead at 23%, easily doubling the number for second place finisher Jeb Bush.

What’s more troubling for Romney, however, is that nearly 80% of GOP voters want someone else as their nominee. But should Mitt ultimately decide to turn course, many expect those numbers to shore up as the field of Republican candidates tightens up.

Likewise, Hillary remains the presumptive nominee for the Democrats. Her commanding lead is a full 64% over all other potential rivals with Vice President Biden at a 13% second place.