Mark Begich Pulls A Grimes

Alison Lundergan Grimes has found herself in the uphill battle against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Having refused on numerous occasions, including in a debate, to answer whether she voted for Barack Obama, she has alienated the largely conservative voter population.

But that double-edged sword lesson hasn’t made its way far enough north apparently, as Alaska’s Democrat Senator Mark Begich looks to have stepped into the same mess.

As this video details, Sen. Begich simply ignores a member of the press who asks him point blank whether he voted for Obama:

This further compounds the flurry of bad news to come down for Democrats with just two weeks left in the midterm election cycle which finds Begich, like his Democrat counterparts in many of the other Senate toss-up states, down consistently in the polls.

Alaska, like Kentucky, is traditionally a conservative red state that does not give much favor to anyone associated with Obama. To top it all off, Obama has tied himself to Red-State Democrates in an interview with Al Sharpton. That, coupled with an expectedly high GOP turnout, bodes very well for Republican prospects in picking up this seat.