Crowd Walks Out on Obama

It’s no secret that Democrat candidates, especially those in the embattled Senate toss-up states, have been running from Obama like he has Ebola, actively refusing to accept his offers to campaign for them.

But one Democrat apparently missed the memo on the Obama shutout, and his campaign event on Sunday evening paid dearly for it, reports Reuters.

Maryland’s Democrat Lieutenant Gov. Anthony Brown is running for Governor and is ahead in the polls over Republican candidate Larry Hogan by at least 11 points in the solidly blue state.

So it stands to reason that an appearance by the president may not hurt so much. But when the crowd began streaming out of the event as Obama took to the podium, the message was clear: we don’t like you much here.

In recent weeks, Michelle Obama has spent more time on the campaign trail on behalf of beleaguered Democrat candidates than has her husband, the president. It comes at a time when his poll numbers are at historic lows.

What’s more, nearly every issue which Democrats once command has turned on the White House and added weight to the anchor that is preventing Democrat candidates from overcoming their GOP adversaries. Whether on Obamacare, the economy, foreign policy, immigration or Ebola, Democrats are losing voter approval at every turn.