Voter Fraud Could Decide Senate Control

As the numbers concerning Senate control continue to tighten, the magic number seems to be seven. That is, many analysts now expect the Republican Party to pick up seven Democrat Senate seats.

For months now, three of them — Montana, South Dakota, and West Virginia — have been virtually guaranteed. Assuming that holds, the party needs only three more seats to win control of the Senate (four if they lose Kansas).

And after polls in recent weeks have shown Republican Cory Gardner explode into the lead, Colorado looks to be among those three or four seats.

But, as political pundit John Fund smartly exposes for the National Review, new Colorado laws put the election there in doubt. In the state’s last legislative session, two laws were signed which allow for voters to register the day of the election and vote. Another law allows for registration without a valid ID. These new laws allow for rampant voter fraud since there remain no disincentive for voters with ill intent to register and vote in multiple locations.