If Mitt’s In, Ryan’s Out

Given all the on-going speculation about whether Mitt will make a third go at the White House, many have wondered what the other potential GOP nominees think of the idea.

And now Paul Ryan, Mitt’s VP nominee in 2012, has made his opinion known. Revealing his plans in a HuffPost interview recently, Ryan declared on the possibility of a surprise Mitt announcement, “I wouldn’t if he were. I would support Mitt. If he were to run, I would not. But I don’t even know if I’m going to either myself. That’s something I’m going to decide in 2015.”

Recall two weeks ago that Ann Romney hinted at the possibility of Mitt’s changing his mind when she indicated to Fox News’s Neil Cavuto that the decision could hinge on whether Jeb Bush chooses to run for president.

That Mitt’s 2012 campaign staff members are “keeping their powder dry” also gives further indication that Paul Ryan may have to revisit his words and swallow some pride. As has been the case for months, it seems there’s more than meets the eye on what to expect in 2016.