GOP Uses Hagan’s Standard Against Her in NC

Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan unseated incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole six years ago from the U.S. Senate. Foxnews reports that the political bludgeon with which Hagan beat her was that Dole had voted in lockstep with the outgoing and unpopular President George W. Bush.

During a debate with Dole, Hagan charged:

“Voting 92 percent of the time with the president, whether you support him or not, doesn’t work here in North Carolina.”

But now Hagan’s standard has been turned against her. In their most recent televised debate Republican opponent Thom Tillis reminded voters of Hagan’s standard and informed them of her having voted with Barack Obama 95% of the time:

“By Kay’s own standard she’s failed the people of North Carolina. Kay promised that she’d be different, but she broke her promise.”

With a 52% disapproval rating for the president among North Carolina voters, this charge has legs for Tillis. The RCP average gives Hagan a 5-point advantage, down from a high of 10 points earlier this month.