Poll Reject Hillary and Romney for “Other”

Polls across the nation have repeatedly shown that Hillary and Romney, in their respective parties, command a good lead among all potential 2016 contenders.

But when an AOL poll offered voters the alternative option of “anyone else” in terms of whether they would prefer Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney in the White House, “anyone else” won the day, reports Newsmax.

The “else” vote didn’t just win, it won huge with a 61% majority among the 51,000 people who responded to the AOL online poll. Of those who chose either Hillary or Romney, 26% chose the former first lady and only 13% chose the former Massachusetts governor.

With the doubt over Hillary’s candidacy virtually gone, the speculation over whether Mitt’s “no” really means “no” continues. The former co-chair for Mitt’s 2012 finance team, Anthony Scaramucci, doesn’t buy it, “I think he’s going to do it. I don’t think there’s any reason for him not to do it. His family is behind him.”