Colorado Comes Into Play for Senate

Over the last week we’ve seen among the fluctuating numbers of so-called ‘toss-up’ states, in the fight take control of the Senate, become increasingly volatile with the number changing almost daily.

As many as 11 states have been included in RealClearPolitics’ list, which has averaged at least 8 states in the last 90 days. And the states among them continue to jump in and out of toss-up status with the release of new polls.

With the latest polls showing Republicans Joni Ernst ahead in Iowa, Scott Brown tied in New Hampshire and Bill Cassidy winning in Louisiana, the Democrats’ nightmare shows no signs of abating.

Then comes news this morning that Cory Gardner, the GOP insurgent candidate for U.S. Senate, has pulled ahead of incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Udall.

Quinnipiac’s latest poll shows a massive lead for Gardner of 8 points over Udall, which represents a huge swing from a month ago when Udall was either tied with or leading Gardner.

Until now most have privately considered a pickup in Colorado to be marginal at best with hopes that a potential flood of GOP voter turnout might make the difference. But these new numbers, if accurate, put the state squarely into the ‘potential pickup’ category.