Mr. Biden Goes to Iowa

Just three days after Bill and Hillary Clinton left the first in the nation state’s annual Harkin Steak Fry event, Vice President Joe Biden strategically swung into Iowa for a visit of his own.

Keynoting the kickoff for the “Nuns on the Bus” tour, Biden is seen as continuing to set the stage for his own White House bid in 2016.

As we’ve reported previously, Biden gets visibly and vocally indignant at the suggestion that he should bow out of the contest to give way to the Hillary juggernaut. The Iowa move could be just one more link in his strategy to put those questions to bed.

But Biden’s performance in Iowa in 2008, when pitted then against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, was a dismal .9%, after which he promptly dropped out of the race. Whether his perch as the number two executive will boost him into firing range against Hillary remains to be seen as her polling numbers consistently show her beating virtually everyone, Democrat or Republican.