Developing: Dems TERRIFIED Of Possible Hillary Prosecution

Developing: Dems TERRIFIED Of Possible Hillary Prosecution

Dems are becoming feverishly worried that Hillary Clinton could be indicted in the middle of a heated general election race after the primary season.

The FBI investigation is reportedly in full force, with some saying FBI agents will act as whistleblowers and release the final report if charges are not filed by Attorney General Lynch…

According to The Hill:

“Six months after it began, the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server shows no signs of slowing down.

Former FBI officials said the length of the probe is not unusual, and speculated that a decision on whether to file charges against Clinton or her top aides could come later this year, during the heat of the general election campaign.

“I don’t know that there’s any magical cutoff date,” said Ron Hosko, the FBI’s former assistant director of the criminal investigative division and a 30-year veteran of the bureau.

For Democrats, the extended investigation has become a source of some anxiety, with Republicans gleefully raising the prospect of their presidential front-runner being indicted.

“It does give pause to Democrats who are concerned that there may be another shoe to drop down the road,” said Andrew Smith, a political science professor at the University of New Hampshire.”

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  1. Like waiting to see if Al Capone gets away again…The corruption in the WH is so obvious it’s sickening…

  2. ***
    Sure looks like the fix is in in to me! No prosecution of Cankles Clintoon by Comrade Obama (PBUH!) and His (not our!) Department Of Social Just Us–despite her epic egregious security law violations.
    Loretta Lynch is just a female version of ex DOSJ head Eric (The RED!) Holdup and can be counted to continue the epic stonewalling and selective enforcement of / refusal to enforce our actual laws.
    “Some people–are more deserving of indictment and prosecution–than other people–are!” applies here. Followed by a presidential pardon the day before President Obama gets out of that dysfunctional D.C. Beltway Cesspool. Count on it!–it’s how they swing.

    • Because they are just as curropt as Hillery!!! I can’t understand why anyone would ever vote for another politishion, they are all untrustworthy the lot of them. Along with burn i.e. Sanders and Biden they are all rats of congress, just watch them birds of a feather flock Togeather. I hope they all get what’s coming to them soon!

  3. Mr Gowdy is doing a thorough investigation, and Hillary will pay for her many, many illegal antics. Patience is a virtue, and hopefully a indictments come down for Hillary after Obama leaves. therefore not allowing a pardon. Once Hillary goes down, she will bring Obama and all others down with her.

    • Sorry Jim but with the evidence there is this hearing is going on way to long. It’s been what 3 years now and counting. Even McCain, McConnell, Boehner (when he was there) and the rest of the rhino establishment have NEVER gone public to denounce what Hillary had done and state that they feel she should be prosecuted even once. What are they hiding? Patience is not a virtue in this case it’s a way to get her off and I believe the rhinos are helping. Just remember that it’s Tea Party Republicans that have publicly called for Obama to be Impeached, Hillary to be prosecuted and have denounced the republican rhino establishment for their lack of Conservative governing only to be trashed by McCain, McConnell, Boehner and the rest of the establishment.

  4. Persons in the JUSTICE DEPT. are having their LIVES THREATENED to make
    sure no indictment happens – – it’s the CLINTON WAY – – google “people
    connected to the Clintons who are DEAD” – make up your own mind

  5. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican she would already be in prison, if only for the things that she has admitted to doing or failing to do. (Forgotten – about 8 years and several million dollars that they ‘forgot’ about are now being reported in amended returns. You or I would not be able to amend that many, but would be prosecuted and heavily fined.) The FBI can investigate, but only the AG can charge and prosecute. That means that Hillary will most likely be protected AG Lynch, Obama’s lapdog. He will protect her now and hope that she is elected so she can pardon him if he is later charged.

  6. every time i see or hear about clinton it just makes the hair on the back of my neck stick straight up.. she is nothing but a devious pig that should be slaughtered..

  7. Indict the broad already. It is obvious she broke Federal Law with Felony style crimes and the Lynch Obama cowards refuse to indict her.

  8. Hopefully it will drag out until it is to late for anyone else in the Democrat Party jumps in to run, If she is charged and convicted of anything Odumbshit will pardon her on his last day in office.

  9. What do you mean Possible? Last year the FBI said she should be Indicted and now they announced it again. She committed a Treasonable crime and Americans were killed because of it so she IS GUILTY and has to be PROSECUTED and IMPRISONED for the rest of HER PATHETIC LIFE. Anyone that interferes and keeps this from happening should also be brought to justice.

  10. So if she has to drop out of the race we have Bernie as a possible President? The way the Democrats fix the elections you know that is a possibility. Great, that will be the final nail in the coffin for the USA as we used to know it. I pity my poor grandchildren.

  11. The email scandal has significant international, intergovernmental implications. I wonder how deeply the CIA is into this? The Hillary information leak to foreign governments, some inimical to our interests, has the potential for compromising our foreign agents, even enabling foreign interests to “turn” them, to make double agents of them. If a foreign government knows someone is an agent, they can even feed them – allow them to “discover” – false information. The CIA does not exactly operate in the open, so we wouldn’t know how much they’re doing on the Hillary treason case. I can’t imagine they’re not involved, and – I think – by this stage of developments they wouldn’t even tell the President. For all too obvious reasons.

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